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Nicole R.


We purchased our Vrienden Umbrella at the State Fair and what a great add to the back patio.  We have a south face patio and the sun can be a bear.  We can tilt our umbrella as the sun moves to get the most out of our time outdoors. Thanks Vrienden!

Gloria L.


We do a lot of home entertaining and we were shopping for mood lighting for the patio.  We came across Vrienden Umbrellas and they had a soft lighting in the umbrella, so we settled on those. We have several scattered around the deck and patio on our outdoor tables. Guests love to be out on the patio and the deck and have commented on loving the new ambience. It really has been a great addition to the backyard.

Olivia T.


I LOVE my Vrienden Umbrella Kevin!  Sitting on the deck at night, with the umbrella lights on and a glass of wine is my new favorite thing to do.  I couldn’t be happier and it’s such a great mood setter.

Meagan M.


I just had to write about the great customer service I received from M&E Sales and Nicole.  I purchased a Vrienden Umbrella and needed to replace a couple rope lights because of some defective lighting.  I contacted Nicole and she made it so painless!  Thanks Nicole!

Michelle G.


I could sit on my deck for hours now with my Vrienden Outdoor Patio Umbrella. In the day, I can tilt it to keep the sun away and make the patio enjoyable longer.  In the evening, I get the wonderful lighting built into the umbrella that makes it so enjoyable to spend nights outdoors. What a great buy!

Shandra R.


I am so pleased we decided to go with a Vrienden Umbrella for our deck.  The lighting and design of the umbrellas adds so much to our deck.  Friends and family have commented on how they love to come to visit and just ‘hang out’ on the deck with us

Susan & Jack M.


The purchase of our new Vrienden Umbrella has been fantastic!  We love the durable material and the lights in the umbrella add so much to our outdoor patio.  It makes the backyard so relaxing

Kyle N.


The umbrellas make the backyard an incredible experience at night with the built-in lighting!  I just love the soft glow they add to the deck and the party. It’s so much better than having those annoying backyard lights on.

Renee L.


Our deck has a south face and makes it almost impossible to enjoy the day outdoors, due to the heat. We decided to purchase a Vrienden Umbrella and invest in enjoying the backyard.  It was well worth it and we can tilt the umbrella as the sun moves.  At night, the lighting in the umbrella sets such a great mood for conversation.  We love our Vrienden Umbrella!

Becky & Chris N.


We purchased our Vrienden Umbrella at the State Fair after we lost our (other brand) umbrella in a wind storm.  We were surprised to see how much better our Vrienden held up in the windy days following the fair.  The product is very durable and I would highly recommend it.

Hannah B.


I love our new umbrellas around our pool!  It makes everything so elegant, especially at night time, with the lights in the umbrella!  I couldn’t be happier with our choice to go Vrienden!

Cameron G.


We’ve had so many compliments on our new Vrienden Lighted Umbrella from friends and family. We do a lot of outdoor parties at our home, and they are such a nice place for shade.  Perfect fit!

Gladys & Arthur P.


I just had to take the time to write and say thank you for our new umbrella for the deck.  I love the durability of the umbrella in wind and being able to keep them up without worrying about them breaking.  Thanks M&E Sales!

Kevin & Jason M.


We purchased a Vrienden Umbrella at the State Fair this year and what a great find! I love sitting on the deck at night with the soft glow from the lights in the umbrella. Its so relaxing!

Roald F.


If ever there was a great addition to my backyard, the Vrienden Lighted Umbrellas are it!  We love it and ended up purchasing them for both the deck and the downstairs patio.

Tammy K.


WE LOVE our new Vrienden Umbrellas!  I just can’t say enough about how beautiful these are at night by the pool.  The reflection on the water gives such a great ambience at night, and we enjoy sitting at them with family and friends. Great memories in the making.

Brad W. & Brett R.


Our umbrella is the envy of the neighborhood! Sitting under it at night with hubs is the BEST. So cool!

Henry G.

Mike & Olivia D.


I was looking for something to add a bit of ambience to our deck, in the evenings, and Vrienden Umbrellas provided just that. We were at the State Fair and what a treasure find these were for us to come across.  Very durable and the umbrellas were lighted underneath for a soft glow. Just what we were looking for!

Angel L.


Recently, we purchased a Vrienden Umbrella at the State Fair.  Shortly after we put it up, there was a very windy day and we were pleased to see the umbrella stood the test.  We had no issues with overturned tables or bent umbrellas from the wind.  Thanks Vrienden for making a great product that withstands the elements.

Dan K.


Super addition to the backyard and I love the lights at night!  We came across the Vrienden Umbrellas online and loved the look of the lighting inside of the umbrella.  It’s such a great feeling to sit outside and talk with friends and family.

Josh L.


I absolutely LOVE my new Vrienden Umbrella.  We found ours at the State Fair and loved it so much we ordered another online to match our 2nd table.  I love the ambience the lighting adds to the backyard.

Michael W.


We just had a giant wind storm damage our Vrienden Umbrella and were so disappointed. We contacted M&E Sales to get another one and Nicole helped me immensely to get me a new frame without breaking the bank. We just received the new one to our door and we are enjoying our deck again! Thanks Nicole for such great customer service!

Cindi Y.


Our home has always been the place to gather and we love it.  Our Vrienden Umbrellas have added such a great new mood to the back deck and our guests love them. At night, we get the soft glow from the lights in the umbrella to set a great mood.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to add a special touch to their outdoor areas.

Joel & Cassandra M.


We added several Vrienden Umbrellas to our pool area and love the way it looks both day and night. The ability to tilt the umbrella to block the sun is a great feature.  At night, the ambience the light gives dancing on the pool water is amazing.

Xavier H.


I ordered the Vrienden 10’ x 10’ Umbrella at the fair and what a find!  I just love the shade we get and how much longer we can spend outdoors on the patio.

Cassie P.


I love the colors, sizes and styles Vrienden offered for umbrella choices.  We have purchased several over the years and just love what they do for our deck and pool area.  Our guests always comment on how the lighting adds such a great ambience to the party.

Suzan & Tony W.


We spend all of our time both day and night outside since we purchased our Vrienden Umbrella from the fair.  The lights in the umbrellas make night time on the deck so much fun!

David S.


I am so happy we found our Vrienden Lighted Umbrella at the State Fair.  We loved the way it looked when we got home, so we purchased two more for the tables by the pool.  I love the tilt action and of course the lights in the umbrella for night are the best part!

Tom K.


Thanks so much for the Vrienden Umbrellas for the pool area.  What a difference they make at night.  It gives the backyard a whole new experience for us and our guests.  Much better than the bright lights we had to shine outdoors at night previously.  The salesperson was great as well! We love them!

Cynthia L. & Amy B.


I can’t believe how much beauty our new Vrienden Umbrellas have added to our deck.  It’s so relaxing to sit outdoors and not worry about too much sun. Nighttime offers us a whole new outdoor experience with the mood lighting in the umbrellas.  Just enough soft light to enjoy the outdoors longer. Thanks Vrienden for a great product!

Nicole O.


After multiple umbrellas on my back deck getting torn apart in the wind, I decided to try the Vrienden.  We just love our backyard, but the sun can make it too hot to enjoy. The way the Vrienden Umbrella tilts allows me to move it with the sun and enjoy my deck again.  It’s been a great choice and I strongly recommend them for durability.

Tyler M.


The old lady and I love to sit under the umbrella after a long day. Five stars

Dale C.


Like a bonehead I forgot to lower the umbrella when the worst storm of the year came through.  To my surprise it was pretty easy to fix and the part was under $50.  I’ve recommended the umbrellas to many people.


Last year, I purchased a Vrieden Umbella for our back deck. The product worked well. It was easy to assemble and disassemble at the end of the season. The umbrella provided great coverage and protection. When I needed to order some other parts for other features, the order and delivery were easy. I highly recommend the product and company.

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